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Quinta do paço do lumiar has 14.557 sqm and is located in the secular parish Lumiar, known in the XVIII century by his nobles farmhouses, olive groves and vineyards, that is the reason why this area is classified as an area of historical manor houses in Lisbon city center.

The project consist of seventeen townhouses, eleven with three bedrooms and six with four bedrooms, arranged perpendicularly along the new road that crosses the property from North to South. The west townhouses have a pool in the exterior garden while in the east townhouses the pool is located in the interior patio. The houses are different but have structurally common characteristics. Both types have a central “patio” that divides the social area from the private area, and have in common a corridor that crosses the house and works as a structuring element in the organization of space.

The architectural design has the signature of Eduardo Souto de Moura, Pritzker prize winner in 2011.



  • Type - Residential
  • Type - House

Energy efficiency

Energy Rating is an index of thermal performance of a building, indicating the levels of heating and cooling in winter and summer buildings that achieve energy rating A or B are more comfortable to live in and have lower energy bills.


Lumiar, Lisboa

Rita Fernandes

RE/MAX Collection Siimgroup (Chiado)


Tipologia Área Coberta (m2) Área Jardim (m2) Área Lote (m2) Garagem Valor de Venda  ID
T3+1 319 226 550 2 viaturas 1.837.500,00€ 124021009-47
T4+1 374 174 547 3 viaturas Vendido  -
T3+1 315 175 556 2 viaturas Vendido -
T3+1 314 223 544 2 viaturas Vendido  -
T4+1 374 183 562 3 viaturas Vendido  -
T4+1 440 196 639 3 viaturas Vendido  -
T3+1 314 234   2 viaturas Vendido  -
T3+1 314 235 556 2 viaturas Vendido -
T4+1 374 183 560 3 viaturas Vendido  -
T4+1 374 153 517 3 viaturas Vendido  -
T3 335 164   2 viaturas 1.700.791,00 € 124021009-134
T3+1 314 222   2 viaturas Vendido -
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