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World Real Estate Brokerage Leader

In Real Estate Brokerage the Siimgroup operates under the RE/MAX brand, "World Real Estate Brokerage Leader", which has increasingly imposed its leadership, conquest and recognition of the Portuguese market. The Siimgroup in Portugal consists of RE/MAX Lumiar, RE/MAX Miraflores, RE/MAX Capital, RE/MAX Countryside at Santo Estêvão and RE/MAX Collection Chiado Stores. In Brazil holds the Master Franchise RE/MAX Minas Gerais.

Training is a strategic commitment of the Siimgroup

The sales team currently has 130 real estate agents who specialise in the real estate market of Lisbon, the Cascais coast, Ribatejo, and Alentejo, and leads the RE/MAX companies in Portugal.

Training is a strategic area of the Siimgroup that prepares the sales team to provide an excellent professional service to clients in the diverse areas of the real estate brokerage sector: sales, real estate marketing, the legal area, real estate assessment and technology.

This activity is totally based on the RE/MAX concept, methodology, training and code of ethics.

Siimgroup believes that only qualified professionals provide a high level of service, which involves:

  • The analysis and diagnosis of a real estate solution, with the aim of finding, as precisely as possible, the value that leads to a successful transaction
  • The monitoring of the purchase and sale or rental process, so as to ensure the total security, legality and smoothness of the business

Properties Monthly Average Traded by Siimgroup

Annual Business Volume of Transacted Properties by Siimgroup

Maximum Tranquility

The process of buying and selling or leasing is monitored to ensure complete safety, legality and tranquility in the business. The fact that the Siimgroup transact more than 1,200 properties a year, mostly gives us the experience and the responsibility that convert every property transaction in a safe and peaceful act.

Real Estate Diagnosis

Analysis and diagnosis of a real estate solution in order to know, as accurately as possible, the value that leads to a successful transaction.

Local Offer

Identifying the local offer comparable to a particular real estate solution is crucial. The real estate market is characterized by multiple offers in each segment. Pointing out which are the real estate alternatives to a particular solution, allows us to assess the best value for each property.

Comparative Method

Consulta de imóveis em venda e vendidos recentemente, tanto quanto possível idênticos em arquitectura, funcionalidade e valorização de zona.

Contratação de serviços externos a avaliadores imobiliários certificados, com o objectivo de complementar e coadjuvar o nosso diagnóstico.